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To be a therapist is to put love, inner knowledge, wisdom of the soul and compassion at the service of others and their expansion. I offer treatments that combine the power of singing, the guidance interior and massage therapy. 

THE SONG OF THE HATHORS; Realignment and reconstruction of the electromagnetic field


We are beings made of frequencies. 

Originally, we are made of sound. All the matter that inhabits us is made of sound frequencies crystallized in a geometry perfect electromagnetic which gives it its coherence, its organization, its essence.

Consequently, singing has the potential to create a direct resonance with the very essence of matter and to modulate its energy field. The song of the Hathors malleabilizes matter and its bio field.

When I was 18, I developed a relationship with the Hathors. The Hathors are a founding intelligence, pillar of the world in which we live. They are the guardians of the 7 rays of sound, at the genesis of our physical world. 

Ancient Egypt revered them, maintaining a direct relationship with its "founding gods", multiplying temples in their honor, cultivating and teaching their mysteries.

The day the Hathors crossed me, after a hermitage in nature for several months, the biofield of my singing voice took on unusual proportions. They taught me how to sing from the pineal gland, to create a sound with a powerful spherical waveform that not only directly modulates the frequency fields that inhabit us but also our physical body.

During these treatments, we will work with the guidance, a recalibration of your field of frequencies with the power of the song in order to propel you towards your sovereignty of being. We will work the karmic knots, and the alignment of your electromagnetic field, in a precise and addressed way, sometimes bringing back parts of you, inducing new frequencies in your biofield, giving you a sense of peace and alignment.

A first treatment lasts between 1h30-2h and costs between 120 and 140$. 

I also offer distance care, for $85.

All treatments can be recorded.




Certified massage therapist since 2010, singing, sound therapy, and therapeutic touch. I combine all these approaches as well as my intuitive knowledge to offer you a global healing, an experience of integrity and to try to bring answers to your life.

$120 for 1h30

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