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Oracle Sound retreat

For those who have eyes to see and ears to listen,  apocalypse is the doorway to esoterical revelation.

During this retreat I will offer singing workshops in preparation to our work with sound; breath, body, group singing ancient essene sound practices.


As well as 2 previous meeting on occulted history, and the power of Sung ritual with the elemental forces of the land.

Explore and reconnect with the Essenes, the cathars , the templar’s, the alchimists and merovingians kings, lineage of the rose, druidism, the giants; getting closer to the integration of the lineage of the rose.

Eve Marie Roy, Canada based artist, has been exploring the South of France for over a century, (and many lifetimes), her quest for truth combines the power that emerges from the combination of sung ritual, ancient sacred sites and the occulted history of our feminine godself inheritance. 

To know more about my work; 


Places we will visit; 

Rennes-les-bains, Mount Bugarach, Rennes le Château ancient Isis Temple, Galamus Ermitage, Albi’s cathedral, Cordes sur Ciel,  and Basilique St Nazaire in the Cité Médiévale de Carcassonne, Bethleem’s cave, Magdalen womb caves in Rennes le Château, Mont Segur, Rennes les Bains, Seat of Isis 


WHEN; 17th-25th of May 2024


WHERE; Occitania; Centre Harmonia, Rennes les Bains;

Shared accomodations 


MEALS; Epic vegetarian meals included

(except 2 or 3 super at Les Jardins de Marie RLC)


CLOSEST AIRPORT; Toulouse-Blagnac


Better to arrive two days before the start of the retreat to absorb the jetai and get a Little grounded perhaps in Carcassonne. Pick up at Cité Medivale de Carcassone on the morning of the 17th.


Also recommande to take 2-3 days after the retreat to integrate - suggestion; Temple du Cardou, 5 min drive from the retreat center.



Early Bird; 1750 USD

Then 2250 USD


You can send to

Through interac or wise

Refundable 45 days before the event afterwhat exchangeable for another retreat.

South of France's Mysteries; Mary Madgalen and the occulted esoterical legacy of Feminity

September 25th-October 4th 

Centre Harmonia, Rennes-les-bains

South of France is a land of Hidden Mystery. 

What if half of the Holy story had never been told? 

What if after the so-called crucifixion history kept unfolding? 


Occulted history reveals the importance of Mary Magdalen throughout the legacy of ancient gnostic esoterism; an incarnation, a symbol and archetypal force that holds the internal keycodes for our soul’s alchemy.  


Being everything but a whore, she’s depicted as powerfull initiate, who birthed the descendance of the Holy Grail after fledding to Occitania to start a mystical order erased from the main narrative but, later, fiercly protected by the knights templars.  


Take a dive into some of the ancient sacred sites of mystical  primitive Christianism and our ancestral esoterism, a powerfull energy template taking form all around Mount Bugarach, throughout Occitania and Catalonia. 


Through the power of singing, come and activate the memory held in these powerfull lands, plunge into their mystical inheritance and explore the activating connexion between sacred sites-leylines, sung rituals and occulted history. 


Therefore lies our forbidden legacy. 


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