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Songs of the Ancestors workshop

          Since the dawn of time, humanity has been singing to connect with Source, to transcend suffering, to commune with the invisible Thread that weaves us into form, to invoke The elemental spirit of creation.


           In our innermost origins, we are sound; song echoes through the very tissue of our being, through all its forms and, thus, through our most profound nature. 

          After spending several years in hermitage in the forest from the age of 18, I started to hear the songs within the deep fabric of the earth. All of nature is built upon harmonizing sound frequencies which the peoples of the Earth, within the indigenous biodiversity of our planet, have always understood and replicated with both faithful and fascinating resonances.


           These unique signatures translate the elemental aspects of the individual into vocal frequencies. They are the culmination of our original essence, our original imprints. And it is upon these foundations, that our electromagnetic field and our physical body are being organized and raised into form.

            Ancestral songs originating from the heritage of diverse cultures play an integral role within our planetary equilibrium. These songs create and maintain the Earth's energetic grid within a process of co-creation which surpasses our understanding.


             The song records of the Earth are an infinitely vast, yet accessible reservoir, just as our soul has sung its songs, throughout previous incarnations.

             To connect with these songs is to connect with aspects of our most profound essence, and transcend the narrow paradigms of our current society.

The Workshop

          The Songs of the Ancestors workshops are an opportunity  to connect with Self through presence and sound, and to discover youR voice, differently...


         Within the candlelight, I offer you a guided journey through the memory of song.


         The workshop begins with a therapeutic crystal bowl meditation, followed by a guided journey using drum, shruti box, Tibetan bowls, rattle, and, of course, voice.


        You will be encouraged to gently open up your own voices and experience Connection.


        If you have one, bring your drum and dress comfortably. The cost of the 2 hour workshop is $20 per person.


       The workshops are open to all, no experience required. If you wish to come purely to listen, you are welcome to lie down and enjoy the sounds!


       Eve-Marie is A passionate about singer. her voice elevates and expands the experience of sound. she is fascinated by  the ancestral subtles healing powers of our singing voice.

       She reaches into memory, to the songs which sound the Earth's heritage.


       She guides Song of the Ancestors workshops, is a sound therapist, a songwriter and composer, a practitionner of Atlas sound balancing and a graduate of the École de la Chanson. She uses the piano, crystal bowls, the drum, and the shruti box to accompany her voice.

For dates of workshops to come... visit Home.



If you wish to host a workshop in your centre, town or organization, please contact me!

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