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the power of song


''Originally we are made of sounds. The power of chanting is elemental.''

The Power of Song is a beacon revealing to me ever more deeply the mysteries of existence. 






















































I am a qualified singer-songwriter, on piano and guitar, but I learned to sing by listening to my suffering untie and finding its resilience in the expression of my repressed sensitivity.

By bringing her out of the shadows and making alchemy with what was most naked inside; I discovered my femininity.

The forest also taught me to sing. And consequently, our muffled heritage, the one that holds the joists of the worlds of nature, below the whirlwind of distraction, always remains my first inspiration.

In this sense, I am, like others, a revealer of the song of the ancestors, drawn from the memory of the soul and the territory.

I am also passionate about the sound medicine of the Hathors (ancient Egypt), a gift from a distant past, which is actualized today. I would add that the song of the elementals fascinates me; the one that allows us to dialogue with the active forces of the territory, to malleabilize them.

Sound therapist, truth seeker and teacher of the Power of Song, I like to delve into the hidden mysteries of our reality to come out with answers, in order to open, in an expansive way, the paths of the great living potential of this human experience... and oh so multidimensional.

In this site, you will find the harvest of forty years of life, very often against the tide;

the fruit of my intertwined passions.


I hope that you will find here answers, inspirations and above all... golden threads, to mend to this so powerful fabric that is that of what is most unique in yourselves.

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Je suis une chercheuse de vérité, une artiste biodiversifiée et une grande exploratrice du Pouvoir du Chant.

Le chant pour guérir et alchimiser la souffrance humaine, laisser émerger l’identité sensible, se connecter à plus grand que soi. 

J'offre des ateliers, spectacles, conférences et retraites ici et ailleurs, en tant que sonothérapeute et auteure-compositeure-interprète, fascinée par l’héritage sacré de notre planète, l’humanité viscérale, et la voix des ancêtres.

Retraites à venir

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