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Being free and staying tuned, reconfiguring space and time with the power of sound, is my passion. 

I like acoustic music.

I wrote a hundred songs on my piano, or on my guitar.

And spent thousands of hours under starry or lunar skies, and seashores.  With my drum or my shruti.

To let myself go through the elements, alone or accompanied by musicians with crazy talents.

Odes to impermanence, bigger than consensual reality. All of this has taken up a lot of space in my life.

You will find below 4 albums recorded since 2011 and the videos that were born from them.

I dream of recording a great album of all my inspirations on the 4 archetypes of the alchemist process. An album bringing together my songs on the piano, my folk compositions, my witch inspirations, and ether beaches through sound therapy.

My crowdfunding campaign is coming! Stay tuned! 

If you want to follow my creative process whether in writing, music or discovery in hidden stories, subscribe to my patreon account: 

To get my music on other platforms you can click on the link below:

Spring 2022 

Release April 2019

Desert Sun

I make music in two parts,

Fall 2016

Fall 2012

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