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Occult History

''I am a sown seed by the fruit of my ancestors.
I carry the dream of my ancestors.
Wherever I go, wherever I am, I'll never be lost

Si vous désirez réserver une soirée sur l'héritage de Marie Madeleine, les coûts sont de 350$ plus frais de déplacement. J'amène mon projecteur, mes instruments de musique, pour une durée de 3h. Vous pouvez m'écrire à et nous planifierons une date. Au plaisir!

What is hidden history?


The archetypal story is the one that has shaped us. 

It is the fabric inscribed in the depths of our human identity. 


It is the guiding story that determines our fundamental nature, from the echoes of the subconscious.


Very often, this story (and its archetypes) have been removed from historical records, so as to dissociate us from our identity markers. 



Because it is the tangible manifesto of our missing potentials, of our deep faculties, our forgotten spiritual identity, of our cosmogony, of our ancestral gifts,  our rites, our values, our multi-millennial know-how, our mythological wisdom.


Because it bears witness to the song of love through human experience and is the muse of our sovereign becomings. 


The same goes for his archetypes. 

These great souls who have incarnated so that our humanities can be inspired by them like beacons... that they are part of a determining force in our DNA, often at the subconscious level.


Because our archetypal story and its actors have always been a threat to the power in place, its existence has been hidden from us and it is, very often, sunk in the bowels of time. 


But knowing our history, our rites and our traditions is a legitimate identity right that goes far beyond the programming of corporate interests and the issues of the powers that govern them.


The Voyages au Coeur de la Mémoire et du Son project is an invitation to dive into the hidden meshes of this history, that of our origins, in order to allow us to find these parts of ourselves and to anchor ourselves in a deep presence of our human potentials, of our identity so vast and still unclear.


During these workshops discoveries that look like conferences, I share with you my perspectives and thoughts on the veins of history that fascinate and inhabit me, as well as on the subtle dimensions of the world in which we live. 

1-Marie-Madeleine and the alchemy of feminine power; the hidden archetypal history of the South of France; cathars, templars, secret societies


2- From Ether to Nature; Hathors, Devas, Elemental Spirits and Devas; the architects of form

3- Druidry and Inquisition; the death of the white native, a collective trauma to be healed in order to regain our access to multidimensionality

4- Planetary grid, sacred sites and geobiology; introduction to co-creation with the telluric forces of the territory


5- The legacy of the Sasquatchs; re-activate the Soul of the world through the hidden history of ancient mysteries, the power of the sung rite and geobiology

All his lectures can beings complemented by workshops experientialon the Power of Singing which allow an integration in the body of these theoretical sharings. If you wish to welcome a discovery workshop in your area; contact me!


Here is an excerpt from a mini documentary, a summary of my research on the Mysteries of Brome-Missisquoi, hidden history and ancient sacred sites. To stay tuned, I invite you to subscribe to my chain Youtube!

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