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South of France ; In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene to meet the power of the Occult Feminine 




In this time of planetary paradigm shifts, for some of us, the quest for sovereignty is central. 


This goes through the healing of our sensitive natures, of our feminine principle, as well as its integration into the heart of our lives. 


It is with this intention that I invite you to this initiatory journey, to encounter the hidden history surrounding the heritage of Mary Magdalene and what resulted from it, combined with the Power of Song and its integration into the geobiology of the sacred sites which constitute, even today, the active cradles of the Living Memory of the Territory.


But first, who is Marie-Madeleine? Today and in my opinion, it is first and foremost an archetypal energy that awakens in each and every one of us, defined by the emergence of feminine power, and by the desire to create a deep and coherent relationship with our sensitivity, guiding our unique path of realization.


Mary Magdalene was and still is, the bulwark and the antidote, through the power of her teachings, to the destructive conditioning of patriarchy.


Exiled from the biblical narrative, she was the second half of Yeshua, and the founder of an extinct Mystical Order, based on the empathic force of the Great Mother and the alchemy of the subconscious, through the healing of the emotional body, the sexual magic of Isis and much more.


Consequently, the places of worship belonging to the landscapes of the Aude where she worked, reveal to us the altars and alcoves of a mystical Christianity very different from that cultivated by Catholicism; a Christianity inclusive of our feminine polarity and its inherent wisdoms, surviving the Roman inquisitions and protected for a few centuries by the Templars who brought it to the lands of Quebec.


It is through the power of the sung rite that we will awaken the essence of places, allowing us to access their singular baggage, their encoded treasures. 


Because the power of song transcends space and time and brings us back to our inner seat of power, that space of sovereignty from which we can name our "I am".


This retreat is an invitation to transform your vision and your experience of the world in order to taste a greater freedom of being.


You are therefore invited to 7 to 10 days of singing workshops and experiences of places of power in Occitania, meals, workshops, site explorations and preparatory conferences in person or online, included!












OR; Rennes-le-Chateau, Occitanie, South of France

1h30 south east of Toulouse, 40 min south of the city of Carcassonne




NEARBY AIRPORT: Toulouse-Blagnac





October 1-9;  1600$ CAD-1500 USD-1200 Euros

This rate includes accommodation in a room or dormitory - first come, first served! - 3 meals a day, all singing workshops, and preparatory conferences, visits and rituals at sacred sites.

For Canadians maybe provide $ 120 extra for transportation to sacred sites and some entries on the premises.

Do not understand ; plane ticket, transport from Toulouse airport to the place of the retreat, (Le Temple du Cardou, Serres), return to the airport.



A deposit of $500 or the entire amount refundable up to two weeks before the event, (after which it will be possible to invest it in a future retreat).


WHO AM I: Eve Marie is a truth seeker, biodiverse artist and explorer of the Power of Song. Singing to heal and alchemize human suffering, let sensitive identity emerge, connect to greater than oneself. She gives workshops, shows, conferences and retreats, here and elsewhere, as a sound therapist and singer-songwriter, fascinated by the sacred heritage of our planet, the visceral humanity and the voice of the ancestors.

To discover my work and my platforms;






The South of France, more specifically the Aude region, is home to a very special sacred mountain; Mount Bugarach.

For millennia, this open door to the stars and the intra-earth has seen the birth of the great spiritual currents that format the DNA of entire civilizations. 


Bugarach, or the house of the Ark (referring to the Ark of the Covenant) is an extraordinary place of power around which immense parts of our archetypal history have been played out.


This story, revealing the spiritual traditions of our ancestors, has been largely obscured by the consensual narrative. Consequently, going to meet it restores us, the potential and the amplitude of our true natures by doing justice to the place of the soul in the human ecosystem. 


It is by plunging into the heart of its hidden treasures that it also sends us back the legitimacy of our quests for truth, through the mirror of the elders, guardians of original knowledge.



Synthesis of ten years of research


The hidden history to which I invite you deconstructs the toxicity of the patriarchal religious myth and, consequently, allows a reconciliation with the impulses of our true natures.


It was following a very strong call from the heart, following the reading of several books on Marie Madeleine, that I was pushed and guided on the territory of Languedoc, confirming intuitions that I have held precious since my early childhood. 


Indeed, the castrating and mysogynistic dogma, which glorifies self-sacrifice, the denial of passion in all its forms and which thus asphyxiates the sovereignty of being under the yoke of guilt is a lie based on a story invented from scratch and imposed by an "elitist" group having every interest in destroying the feminine polarity of god, in tearing it from our collective consciousness.


The version of history that I have unearthed by gleaning and following the leads of seasoned historians (as well as all the synchronicities that a higher intelligence has put in my path,) is deeply human. 


She stages sensitive, sexual, creative, curious, magical archetypes, filled with love, intelligence and humanity. 


It does justice to the healthiest, noblest and craziest impulses of our humanity.


And it is above all, above all, a story in which God is also a Mother and a Woman, with half the recipe.


MY RESEARCH: Six summers and one winter in the field in the presence of various historians and particularly mentored by Anneke Koremans, novelist (Jeanne D'aout), seasoned pioneer of the old schools of mystery and forbidden history and gnosis, mystic.


Lots of reading (see reference list below) and hours spent watching documentaries (Henry Lincoln, Freddy Silva, Howdie Mickovsky).


Whole days criss-crossing the landscapes of the Aude, in silence or singing, exploring its hidden caves, its river of salt, its oracles of druidesses, its sculpted rocks, its labyrinths of boxwood where mysterious megaliths stand, its churches-grimmoires-de-hermétiques-savoirs, its tombs, its ancient cavalries, its hollow mountains and so on…


In short, it is inhabited by an ardent passion that I offer you the synthesis of my inspired research.



The power of singing goes beyond space and time, it delivers the keys to memory to restore to us what we are ready to recover from ourselves, on both an individual and collective level.


I will therefore guide you towards the blossoming of your unique song as well as through a field of practical knowledge linking the memory of sacred sites and the active forces of the territories, revealed and amplified by the Power of the Chanted Rite.



I have been exploring the power of singing for 25 years and have developed a unique method of transmission that assists the healing of traumas and thus allows the blossoming of your authentic singing and enhances the emergence of your seat of power.


With belly breathing as a foundation, I offer the experience of the following 4 levels of chanting; Song of the Ancestors, Emotional Alchemy, Song of the Hathors; healing with the voice AND Elemental co-creation with the active forces of the territories.


These explorations are part of a practice that is similar to the rite of passage, and which I have named “The Circle as an Oracle”.


For more details, I invite you to consult my website by clicking on this link;





-Plateau of Isis; The feminine energetic heart of the region

-Village of Rennes le Château and Church of Rennes le Château; location of found manuscripts

-Caves of Mary Magdalene

-Druidic oak of Laval Dieu; Heart of the Pentacle

-Mount Bugarach; Stargate, Druidic Shrine

-Labyrinth of Nebias; Gate to the fairyland

-Hermitage of Galamus; Valley of the Crescent Moon, Grail and Early Christian Mystics

- Grotto of Bethlehem and Grotto of the Hermit; Cathar transmission altar and initiatic cave

-Alet the baths; the temple of the goddess

-Rennes les Bains and Sebaïrou


Other visits possible, depending on the energy of the group;

-Mont Ségur, Château de Puilaurent, Medieval city of Carcassonne, Château de Puivert

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