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Soundscapes that reveal the ethers

Aethernas is the reunion of four skilled musicians, all of us animated by the same quest;  create spontaneous Sound journeys, always improvising and tuning in, to offer and reveal a space to feel, heal and experience realities that remain hard to perceive from our normal 3D perspectives.


Together we weave soundscapes with the santur, turquish kanun, violin, angelic and ancestor's voice, charango, accordion, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, guitar and shamanic drum.

Healing with Sound

We are made of Sound. Sound is the inner fabric of Form.Sound has the capacity to reveal the inner most subtle aspects of our being. Sound shapes reality beyond time and space.


Our sound journeys last between 1h30-3hrs. we bring our own instruments. We love acoustic settings, but are open to amplified as well.

Booking; Cale Alit;



WEDGE ALIT; Being a yoga teacher and a musician, he weaves in consciousness and awareness into his work with sound. With the Persian Santur as his main instrument, he creates magical sound carpets inviting to dream and travel. His diverse guitar playing and the powerful didgeridoo add up to the sweet sounds of his healing tools as the singing bowls and koshi chimes. This musical setup and his sensitivity for the present moment allow him to provide deep and healing sound healing journeys for individuals and collectives.

INSTRUMENTS  Santur, didgeridoo, guitar, koshi, chimes...

WORKSHOPS OFFERS  Ashtanga Yoga classes - for beginners and advanced
Guided meditations 


Portrait drum.jpg

EVE MARIE ROY is fascinated by the power of singing, as a doorway into the Mysteries of this world. The depth of what we've lost and are yet to become reveals itself through the human voice.

As a singer writer composer and a soundhealer, she gives concerts as well as workshops in order to activate the archetypal memory that resides in each one of our unique voices, as we, as a powerfull soul constellation, awaken back to our forbidden both sensitive and indeginous essences. 

INSTRUMENTS Voice, shamanic drum, shruti box, crystal bowls, guitar, flute

WORKSHOPS OFFERS Songs of the ancestors, Alkimia; create a transformative and lucid dialogue with your subconscious and the power of the voice

LINKS; , spotify, bandcamp, Itunes, youtube

Finn dramatic.jpg

FINN was born in Germany and started his musical explorations at Age 3 with the Violin, a few years later changing to Accordion and Drums.

When he was 18 years old, he left Germany after finishing his High School Diploma and started traveling the World in search of different cultures, ancient secrets, songs and instruments.

On his travels throughout Asia and the Middle East he picked up the Kanun (Turkish Zither) and the Santur (Persian Hammered Dulcimer) as well as the Kora, N'goni (Both African Harps) and Handpan (convex steel drum played with the hands ).

He is still very much enjoying his Musical Nomadic Life through a diverse range of collaborations with other musicians, recording projects and bands in a variety of settings, styles and continents for the last 19 years.
Most recently he has added the Charango (10 stringed small Andean lute) to his Instrument Collection during his explorations of the Andes and South America in the last few years.

WORKSHOPS OFFERED; Musical instruments classes

Raphala dramtic.jpg

RAPHAELLA SCHILLINGER has grown up in an inspiring environment of folk music and circle dances (Rudolf-Steiner School), Raphaela always found her passion rather in free improvisation than classical violin and sheet music.


Knowing both gives her great flexibility and freedom. After finishing her studies in Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy in 2015, she started to play for Contact Improvisation dance classes and open jams in different countries.


Since then she is on an ongoing journey through time and space, exploring sound with feeling and sensitivity, creating a safe space for deep inner healing

WORKSHOPS OFFERED; Authentic movement

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