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The Song of the Ancestors

     Since the dawn of time, our humanity has been singing to connectTo what is. sing to transcend one's suffering, sing to commune with the invisible worlds, sing to invoke the creative spirits.


   _  -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in all its forms and, consequently, to our deepest nature in its animist and founding aspect.

    following a hermitage of a few years in the forest from the age of eighteen, the silence of nature opened the doors to me to the songs that constitute it.


  All nature is built on harmonious sound frequencies that the peoples of the earth, in the native biodiversity of our planet, have been able to capture and reproduce, in faithful and fascinating resonances.


    All of these unique signatures translate into vocal frequencies the language of the Fundamental elemental aspects of being, ultimate attainment of the essence rays from which we originate and_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ original imprints, on which our electromagnetic field is developed and then our physical body.

The ancestral songs contained in the heritage of the various cultures of the earth are an integral part of the balance of our planet. these songs compose, maintain and maintain the energetic fabric of the earth in a process of co-creation that goes beyond our understanding.


  The memory of the songs of the earth is an infinitely vast but also accessible reservoir, just like the memory of the songs that our soul has sung, in the multiple faces of our previous incarnations. Going to meet these songs is also going to meet aspects of our deep identity that go beyond the narrow paradigms of today's society.


        Ancestor singing workshops offer a moment of rejuvenation, to connect with oneself in presence and sound, and open one's voice, differently...


     By candlelight, I offer you a guided journey Through the memory of song.

The workshop begins with a sound therapy meditation with the crystal vessels and then continues with a guided journey supported by the drum, the shruti box, the Tibetan bowls, the rattle and of course, singing. You will be encouraged to gently open your voices and experience connection.


Bring your drum if you have one, and comfortable clothing.The cost of a 2 hour workshop is $20 per person.


These workshops are open to everyone, with no prior experience. If you want to come as listeners, feel free to lie down on the floor and enjoy the sounds!


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