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Power of Song and Sacred Sites

Mysteries of Brome-Missiquoi



Our wild territories challenge. 
They are there; grandiose, alive
and deeply accessible... 
when we dare to meet them.

Come dive into the heart of the springs, under the rustle of hardwoods; the echo of ancient peoples and the song of their rites await us, to connect us to this timeless identity which resists the test of time in order to reveal to us the secrets of our origins, often ignored by known speeches.

This retreat is an invitation to connect with the power of song by going to meet the ancient sacred sites of Brome-Missiquoi, to recreate this relationship and this dialogue with our deep, wild natures and the territories to inhabit... that they shelter.


From a very young age, I have crisscrossed the forests and valleys of the region, its mountains and its master trees... to come to put together the pieces of a fascinating puzzle with these questions always in mind;

Who inhabited these mighty forests and how did they communicate with the active forces of the territories?

From the Abenakis, to the multiple vestiges of the peoples of the north, passing through the possible traces of the Templars to the Freemasons, instigators of the monuments of worship that can be traced today on Mont Owl's Head... the Brome-Missisquoi region reveals its mysteries like so many faces and eras to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

How can reconnecting with this heritage today bring us closer to this dialogue with the sacred?

It is by connecting to it that we discover it!

Here is a first summary of my research, the first mini-documentary of a series of 3, focusing on the Mysteries of the Brome-Missisquoi region, in Estrie, and which bring us the traces of Druidism?! (Thanks to Gérard Leduc for the paths he cleared long before me!)



Through breathing exercises promoting the circulation of vital energy in the body, we will open our voices to meet what they have to restore and reveal to us in order to explore together the Power of the sung rite and its impact on our individual and natural territory.

To learn more about my approach:

In special collaboration with Valérie Beaupré who will offer us an alchemical dance of the elements at the beginning of the retreat.

OR; The Base Camp will be Le Temple Coeur de Sutton where we will explore the Power of Song every morning, before setting off on an adventure in the arborescent territories of the region.

WHEN; From Thursday evening August 10 to Sunday August 13 5 p.m.

2 RATES possible;

INCLUDED; All workshops and lunches and maybe those in the evening to be confirmed with a few extra costs!
ACCOMMODATION; Not included in this price... In the comfort of your homes if you are from the region or with friends...
There is also the possibility of sleeping at the Huttopia campsite 
(at your expense); 
5 min from the Temple Coeur 

Includes 3 nights accommodation in a lovely country house in the Glen Sutton valley and 3 meals a day.

REGISTRATIONS; In order to reserve your place, you can send me a deposit of $200 at the following interac address;
QUESTION: Power of
ANSWER; singing

Your deposit amount is refundable until August 3
after which if you cannot attend, this amount will be deducted from participation in a future workshop.

Eve Marie is a truth seeker, biodiverse artist, and explorer of the Power of Song.
Singing to heal and alchemize human suffering, let sensitive identity emerge, connect to greater than oneself. 
She gives workshops, shows, conferences and retreats here and abroad as a singer-songwriter and sound therapist, fascinated by the hidden and SACRED heritage of our planet, the visceral humanity and the voice of the ancestors.


VALERIE BEAUPRÉ; Passionate about alchemy, she created the Alchemical Dance of the Elements in order to share the knowledge of internal alchemy through movement. She is the co-founder of a space called Temple Coeur in Sutton whose intention is to establish and tone the “human mycelium”. Also certified in Geobiology and dowsing, Valérie offers transmutation spaces to profoundly restructure the patterns and to find these resources.

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