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Originally, we are made of sound. All the matter that lives in us is made of crystallized sound frequencies.

Consequently, singing has the potential to create a direct resonance with the very essence of matter and to modulate its energy field. When I was 18, I developed a relationship with the Hathors. The Hathors are a founding intelligence, pillar of the world in which we live. They are the guardians of the 7 rays of sound, at the genesis of our physical world. 

Ancient Egypt revered them, maintaining a direct relationship with its "founding gods", multiplying temples in their honor, cultivating and teaching their mysteries.

       The day the Hathors came into my life, after a hermitage in nature for several months, the biofield of my singing voice has taken on unusual proportions. They taught me how to sing from the pineal gland, to create a sound with a powerful spherical waveform that not only directly modulates the frequency fields that inhabit us but also our physical body.It is with great enthusiasm that I am launching a first training on the subject, in the context of a discovery weekend where I will help you develop this type of highly healing song.

EMERGENCE; POWER OF SINGING AND DANCING; from our animistic forces to alchemical transformation;

ESTRIE July 22, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., Terre de Crystal, Grand Brompton, with Mélanie Tremblay, Eve Marie Roy and Bruno Péloquin





A day to connect with raw expression, through the breath and the body, the singing of the ancestors on the drum, the opening of the heart through dance and the singing of the spirit.

Come unleash the sovereignty of your expression and connect to the power of the collective we weavers together!


For more details click on the following link; EMERGENCE

Reserve your place by confirming with me by Messenger and payment on site in cash or an Interac transfer of $ 75 to:

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Answer: Petrol


with Mya Lalancette and Eve Marie Roy, Saguenay

Somewhere on the northern shore of the Fjord, There is a magical land, with a magical guardian, my friend Mya, a true nature spirit who cultivates an osmotic relationship with the forest and its whispers.


This summer we invite you to come and feel your fiber at the heart of that of the Living, to disarm resistance in order to get closer to this wild and timeless voice in motion with that of your body, free and inspired by the mystery of the presences of nature.


4 days of immersion to rediscover yourself.

4 days of immersion to abandon armor

4 days of Immersion to get closer to your true nature; wild and unconditioned;  forever timeless


Like the forest, our dance and our singing emerge in a space and an atmosphere of non-judgment, free of performance, both playful and profound.

Let's open our senses.

Connect to the living.

Let's dive into the heart of our Being.

Everything is in motion...

Let nature, through our expressive vibrations, support our nature. And vice versa.

A moving moment to honor our deep essence and the living world to which we are interrelated.

SINGING WORKSHOPS; To learn more about my workshops and my approach, click on the following link; school singing power



We set up a safe space, an atmosphere of non-judgment, without performance,  both deep and playful (where the game engages creativity and letting go) and we dance what emerges, according to the proposals.

This  series of workshops leads us to gently explore the expressive potential of each person's body and Being; the connection to our deep essence, to the other, to the living world to which we are interrelated.


 The exploration, sometimes alone, in pairs or in groups, is guided throughout the workshop by the facilitator, using different images, references, proposals that lead to experiencing the body differently, to feeling and approaching movement (by extension our movement of life)  with new eyes, sensitive and benevolent. Participants will be invited to connect, within this creative framework, to their body and their imagination, to what wishes to express itself, to savor the pleasure of movement, to enter the game, and to rediscover themselves with curiosity and wonder, at every moment...

No dance experience required, only the interest of welcoming who you are, in motion!

ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS; The accommodation is in total rustic mode! When camping on site, bring your tent and top-comfortable kit for starry nights or rain. We cross our fingers but we will compose and find our ease in the power of the elements, whether the sun is at its zenith or in full downpour!


Vegetarian set organic meals are included, and you are invited to bring 1 liter of drinking water per person for the stay and your plates, utensils and cups!


The Thursday evening meal will be in potluck mode, so plan a dish to share.


PLACE; On the land of Mya, address transmitted under inscriptions, north shore of the Saguenay Fjord in the heart of wilderness


COST; $450 including meals, camping spot, all meals and workshops



Your registration will be done upon receipt of your participation deposit of $225, refundable until the morning of July 27. After which this amount would be deducted from participation in a future retreat.


Interac transfer to

Question; Connection to

Answer; Alive



Woman, dancer and mother fascinated by the richness of expressive movement and the connection to the living, Mya shares her love of dance with kindness, through workshops and occasional creations. 

Nourished by the world around her, nature, her training courses in dance therapy, as well as various approaches to the body, heart and mind, she is interested in the human being in the sensitive movement of his being, in connection with life. 

Immersed in dance since a very young age (classical, jazz, modern, contemporary, percussive dance) she still continues to train and feed on various practices, such as the 5 rhythms, authentic movement, gaga dance, body mind centering, work that connects (Johanna Macy)...... 

In the spring of 2009, she began training in dance therapy (France, Route and research for body building).
She has since worked as a "facilitator" in dance movement, expression and creation, especially with adults, adolescents and children. 

While she now lives 5 months a year in the forest, the interrelationship with it takes a prominent place at the heart of her interests and her work.
She is currently developing workshops where the danced movement opens a path towards this magnificent Nature, which supports our own nature, and makes us want to protect one and the Other. 

Through her work, she wishes with humility to participate in making deep meaning, to facilitate paths towards the expression of our heart and our creative potential and to commit to spreading respect for Life. 

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