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emotional alchemy

Originally we are made of sounds.

Frequencies and vibrations.

A sound journey allows access to the subtle dimensions that constitute us.


In a comfortable position, ideally sitting or lying down, you will be encouraged to relax, to surrender to the medicine of sound.


What differentiates the sonic journey singing of the ancestors from conventional sound therapy is the refined and unique use of the voice, as an Ariadne's thread to weave between the worlds.


The sound bath often begins with an immersion in the vibration of the crystal bowls (frequency amplifiers) and the voice. The singing voice, used here in a precise way, creates friction between the notes, which we call micro-tones. These frictional micro tones generate bi-neural frequencies, which make possible thereconnection of the two hemispheres of the brain. This results in a relaxation of the nervous system, a zone of deep relaxation.


This practice awakens our physical senses to experience our subtle dimensions.


Once this meditative zone is installed, the chanting of the ancestors comes to work on the level of memories.


During this stage, some people will be transported on an inner journey and will experience unusual visions, colors and sensations.


This can be an opportunity for the recipient to contact memories from other lives and times important to their soul history in order to enhance their current identity.


Such is the power of creative sound.

To recreate space-times where our humanity evolved in different paradigms from those of the current era in order to open consciousness to dimensions adjacent or intrinsic to ours.


During this stage, the recipient may also experience emotional releases. The sound works on several levels simultaneously.


All of this is welcome and welcomed in a session.


Sound journeys generally end with a gentle meditation and closing ritual followed by open heart sharing.


  Each session is unique and inspired by intuitive knowledge at the service of the group's energy. Thus all the songs are received  in harmony with the energetic dynamics of the collective of individuals gathered.


Some trips will be deeper than others, some people will be more sensitive to sound work, all of this varies from individual to individual! The important thing is to go there without expectation and to let yourself be carried away by the experience.


The instruments played vary; singing, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, shruti box, harmonium, Native American drum, etc.



For any questions or reservations, do not hesitate to contact me ;).

The Voyages sonores are also offered with Annie Lamoureux, Guillaume duschesnau. and other sound therapist collaborators.

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